Oct 12, 2015

Not to be Outdone by Vigilantes

In the early days of October, I received reports from soldiers in the Israeli army who tell me that their rules of engagement have changed entirely in recent weeks. Procedures that were formerly true to a certain extent only in Gaza and parts of the West Bank are now being implemented all across Palestine and Israel. It seems that soldiers and police have been given permission to open live fire on any Palestinian citizen who… Read more

May 03, 2015

“Warnings” We Must Disregard

In the early days of spring, young Ethiopians in Israel have been taking to the streets to protest the police’ brutalization of their communities with impunity, and the complete silence about this systemic racism in Israel – from the government to the media to the rest of the country.
Ethiopians, the community most discriminated against within Jewish Israeli society, are talking about police violence. One of the protestors, when speaking to a journalist said: “It’s… Read more

Apr 13, 2015

ICAHD-USA’s New Director on Militarization of the Police

Sisters and brothers, comrades and friends, I have news,
As we are witnessing both the violent oppression in Baltimore and the images of heroism coming from the streets, where people refuse to accept their fate as slaves in the modern system of oppression, we are forming a new path on the line between Gaza and Baltimore.
As of this month, I am the new executive director of ICAHD-USA, the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions here… Read more

Jan 17, 2016 I will not be silenced

Two Israeli human rights defenders arrested under gag order

Oct 23, 2015

“Mistaking a Jew for a Terrorist”

Oct 18, 2015 Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.17.41 PM

Jeff’s Halper’s “War Against the People” is “Mind-boggling”

Apr 04, 2015 twair01

A Welcome to ICAHD-USA’s New Director, Eran Efrati

Jan 15, 2015 th

The Path to Accountability: Israel Reacts as Palestine Joins the ICC

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