Dec 19, 2013

Recent demolitions and the announcement of more Israeli settlement units in the Occupied West Bank

A joint statement from the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) and the European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine Palestine (ECCP)… Read more

On 29th October, the Israeli government demolished a four-story apartment block in Beit Hanina, bringing the total number of Palestinian structures demolished in East Jerusalem in 2013 to 96 which displaced some 400 people from their homes. On the day that the Israeli government announced the construction of yet another 1500 housing

Nov 22, 2013

A Letter of Thanks from Jeff

We have known one another and worked together for a just peace in Israel/Palestine for many years; I have worked with some of you since ICAHD was founded in 1997. It has never been easy. ICAHD has always been a small, direct action organization (never more than 5-6 staff) dedicated to three major yet intertwined endeavors: resisting the Occupation on the ground; formulating a cogent analysis of how the Occupation works and where Israel is… Read more

Oct 21, 2013

Ethnic Cleansing by Bureaucracy: Israel’s Policy of Destroying Palestinian Homes

Underpinning most home demolitions is Israel’s strategic goal of limiting the non-Jewish Palestinian population, or removing it altogether, from areas of the occupied territories and Israel proper. In particular, Israel wants to cement its hold over occupied East Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley in the West Bank, and to “Judaize” East Jerusalem and areas such as the Negev desert in southern Israel. Other bureaucratic tools used to achieve this goal include the revocation of residency… Read more

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