May 03, 2015

“Warnings” We Must Disregard

In recent days young Ethiopians in Israel have been taking to the streets to protest the police’ brutalization of their communities with impunity, and the complete silence about this systemic racism in Israel – from the government to the media to the rest of the country.
Ethiopians, the community most discriminated against within Jewish Israeli society, are talking about police violence. One of the protestors, when speaking to a journalist said: “It’s the same racism… Read more

Apr 13, 2015

ICAHD-USA’s New Director on Militarization of the Police

Sisters and brothers, comrades and friends, I have news,
As we are witnessing both the violent oppression in Baltimore and the images of heroism coming from the streets, where people refuse to accept their fate as slaves in the modern system of oppression, we are forming a new path on the line between Gaza and Baltimore.
As of this month, I am the new executive director of ICAHD-USA, the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions here… Read more

Apr 03, 2015

ICAHD-Israel Into 2015

Well, we started last year’s January newsletter on an encouraging note. “Let’s begin with the good news,”… Read more I wrote, “2014 will likely mark the beginning of the end of the Israeli Occupation.” I wrote that in the wake of the likely – and finally definite – end of Kerry’s ill-fated attempt to broker yet another round of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. The subsequent attacks throughout the West Bank following the kidnap and killing of the three settlement

Jul 27, 2015 Issa Amru of Youth Against Settlements, Hebron

Studying in the West Bank: Day Four

Jul 26, 2015 Makhul rebuilding, July 2015

From the Jordan Valley: Day Five of Summer Rebuilding Camp, 2015

Jul 22, 2015 Demo Banner, 2015 rebuilding

A sketch of Day Three

Jul 21, 2015 Peace as Victory

A quick report from Beit Arabiya: Day Two

Jul 21, 2015 Summer 2015 rebuilding

News from the Summer Rebuilding Camp 2015: Day One

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