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Rebuiling of Palestinians homes that was demilished by Israel. (Photo: ActiveStills / Archive)

ICAHD Summer Campers rebuild the Hamdan house again

Rubble covers the tile floor at the site of the demolished home we are beginning to rebuild in the East… Read more

Demolitions are carried out without warning giving no opportunity to salvage possessions © Amnesty International

ICAHD Denounces Israeli Demolitions (and American Enabling)

After an unofficial nine-month “moratorium,” the Israeli government has returned with a vengeance to its policy of demolishing Palestinian homes.… Read more

Dismantling the Matrix of Control

Jeff Halper | Middle East Report Online… Read more
Almost a decade ago I wrote an article describing Israel’s “matrix of control”

Protecting human rights is never 'interference'

Jeff Halper | Jerusalem Post… Read more
The article entitled Spain funds ‘summer camp’ for foreign volunteers to rebuild demolished illegal Palestinian

Thoughts from the rebuilding camp

Summer Camp Volunteer… Read more
After the excitement of the South Hebron Hills, it was nice to return to Beit Arabiya and

Statistics and Family

Summer Camp Volunteer… Read more
Up at 6am after quite a restless night (alarms going off, people talking in their sleep, snoring,

On not seeing the Occupation

E.D. | Summer Camp Volunteer… Read more
Yesterday I spoke with a Jerusalem Post reporter, and invited her to come and see

HRW: Israel: Stop Demolishing Palestinian Homes

Human Rights Watch
West Bank Homes of 18 Families Destroyed; Others Given 24 Hours to Evacuate… Read more

(Jerusalem) – The Israeli

The Palestinians: Warehousing a "Surplus People"

Jeff Halper | ICAHD… Read more
So rapid is the pace of systemic change in that indivisible entity known as Palestine/Israel that

IRIN: Palestinians give up on legal building route

Palestinians living in Area C of the West Bank, under Israeli control, have given up on obtaining construction… Read more

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