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IRIN: Palestinians give up on legal building route

Palestinians living in Area C of the West Bank, under Israeli control, have given up on obtaining construction… Read more

Power to the (Palestinian) People!

Jeff Halper | ICAHD… Read more
The people of Palestine have done it again, taking their own fate in their hands after

Gaza: An Israeli Call for Urgent Action

We, the Israeli organizations signed below, deplore the decision by the Israeli government to cut off vital supplies of electricity… Read more

Gloucester Daily Times: Controversial Israeli peace activist to speak at Forum

Gail McCarthy | Gloucester Daily Times… Read more

An Israeli peace activist who has been hailed for his “immense courage” and accused

Report from Israel/Palestine: ICAHD-USA's Tema Okun reflects on her recent trip

Tema Okun | ICAHD-USA… Read more
I’ve had a hard time communicating the swing of emotions I’ve been feeling since Tom Stern

Rebuilding homes, Constructing Peace: a Campaign update

Since announcing the Constructing Peace Campaign in early June, ICAHD-USA, in partnership with ICAHD UK and ICAHD Israel, has already… Read more

Forced to live in a cave, family prepares to move into their rebuilt house

Mr. ‘S’ has been living in a cave with his 2 wives and 13 children for eight years. The cavernous… Read more

Rebuilt house in the Hebron area

Mr. ‘J2’ [Names are withheld for the family’s security.… Read more] lives alongside many of his relatives in an ancient

"People can live together if the confiscations stop and settlement expansion ceases”

Mr. ‘J’ remembers the dark day in May, 2007 when dozens of Israeli Army troops, accompanied by a helicopter and… Read more

Unofficial garbage dump surround rebuilt home

Mr. G built his home next to steaming piles of garbage in what is apparently an informal rubbish dump. The… Read more

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