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Israeli Forces Demolish Bedouin Homes in Anata Jahalin

Israeli Forces Demolish Bedouin Homes in Anata Jahalin

Israeli authorities¬†demolished f… Read moreive Arab al-Jahalin Bedouin Homes in the outskirts of Anata in the West Bank, displacing thirty

ICAHD Peace Center 'Beit Arabiya' Demolished for the Fifth Time

ICAHD Peace Center ‘Beit Arabiya’ Demolished for the Fifth Time

Israeli authorities demolished Beit Arabiya (“Arabiya’s House”) last night (Monday, January 23rd) for the fifth time, along with structures in… Read more

Anata Home Rebuilt by ICAHD Demolished

On the morning of January 24th, Israeli authorities demolished the home of the Abu Omar family, rebuilt by ICAHD in… Read more

Rebuiling of Palestinians homes that was demilished by Israel. (Photo: ActiveStills / Archive)

ICAHD Summer Campers rebuild the Hamdan house again

Rubble covers the tile floor at the site of the demolished home we are beginning to rebuild in the East… Read more

Pushing back against media spin

Today at the building site near the Apartheid Wall, the floor tiling is now nearly complete. Much of the outside… Read more

Thoughts from the rebuilding camp

Summer Camp Volunteer… Read more
After the excitement of the South Hebron Hills, it was nice to return to Beit Arabiya and

Visiting Hebron

Summer Camp Volunteer… Read more
On our last morning in South Hebron Mountain, breakfast was interrupted by Israeli settlers advancing on shepherds

Statistics and Family

Summer Camp Volunteer… Read more
Up at 6am after quite a restless night (alarms going off, people talking in their sleep, snoring,

On not seeing the Occupation

E.D. | Summer Camp Volunteer… Read more
Yesterday I spoke with a Jerusalem Post reporter, and invited her to come and see

Dreams and Reality

ICAHD Camp Volunteer*… Read more
On the second day of the building camp, work continued as usual, sandwiched by a nonviolence training

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