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Sponsor a Volunteer for the 2015 Rebuilding Camp

Sponsor a Volunteer for the 2015 Rebuilding Camp

Make the trip of a lifetime possible by sponsoring a volunteer for the 2015 Rebuilding CampRead more
The ICAHD Summer Rebuilding

The Path to Accountability: Israel Reacts as Palestine Joins the ICC

Is there any end in sight to the shameful disregard of International law on the part of Israel? The answer… Read more

Winter 2014 House Rebuilding Project

Imagine if your home was demolished and you were powerless to do anything about it.… Read more
Since its founding in 1997, 

Support the Winter 2014/2015 Rebuilding Project

Support the Winter 2014/2015 Rebuilding Project

ICAHD to Rebuild Palestinian Home This Winter
The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions… Read more is committed to completing the construction of

Israel Sows Despair and Senseless Violence

And the “Zionist answer” to the downward cycle of senseless violence in which Jerusalem

Fall 2014 Speaking Tour

Fall 2014 Speaking Tour

Jeff Halper will be touring Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, and South Dakota, October 17 – November 8, 2014.  Check this page… Read more

Help Support Resistance to the Occupation

Help Support Resistance to the Occupation

In the midst of Israel’s attempt to end Palestinian armed resistance in Gaza as it did in Operation Defensive Shield Read more

Israel’s message to the Palestinians: Submit, leave or die

The Kerry initiative may have ended with a whimper instead of a bang, but its impact on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict… Read more

From kidnapping to collapse: The beginning of the end?

In the end, the unsustainability of warehousing Palestinians will force the hand of the international community. The Israeli government, so … Read more

Israel to Resume Punitive House Demolitions


JERUSALEM.  The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) deplores and denounces … Read more

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