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Gaza and Darfur

Alexander Cockburn | The Nation.… Read more
As a zone of ongoing, large-scale bloodletting Darfur, in western Sudan, has big appeal for

Nightmare in Beit Hanoun

By Jennifer Loewenstein | ICAHD-USA
Originally published in Counterpunch
How Gaza Offends Us All… Read more
An opened jaw with yellowed teeth

When a Country Doesn't Take Responsibility

Jeff Halper | ICAHD… Read more
Originally published in Tikkun
Here is the question: If Israelis truly crave peace and security—“the right

Jews of Conscience defend human rights activist

On October 2006, Dr. Hassan Fouda, a human rights activist based in Connecticut, circulated a petition written by distinguished Israeli … Read more

Israel as an Extension of American Empire II

Jeff Halper | ICAHD… Read more
This is a background piece that goes beyond the Israel-Palestine conflict to place Israel within a

Israelis and Hezbollah Haven't Always Been Enemies

Jimmy Johnson | ICAHD… Read more
When Hezbollah operative and diamond trader Samih Ossailly was arrested in Belgium in April of 2002,

Israel Lobby Watch

Philip Weiss | The Nation… Read more
For progressives who are even mildly critical of Israel, a never-ending concern is the response

A Letter from 18 Writers

From August 28, THE NATION
A Letter from 18 Writers including three Nobel Prize recipients… Read more
The latest chapter of the

Reflections on the ICAHD Summer Camp 2006

Elyse:… Read more
“I had many expectations of what I would see when I got here but I didn’t know what I

One house rebuilt, another demolished

Saturday was the last day of the camp and a house now stands where, two weeks ago, there was a… Read more

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